What do healthcare professionals need?

Healthcare professionals need a space, in community, to state what is true, to be heard, and to feel supported.

Today’s moral injury has left many in healthcare feeling helpless, hopeless, and abandoned.

Healing circles provides a place of safety and confidentiality for all health professionals, where truth, kindness, respect, curiosity, and compassion heal.

We aren’t meant to endure hardships alone.

We believe in the collective power of healing circles.

Self-care is important, but collective care is what’s needed now.

What are healing circles?

Healing circles are collective care. They:

  • Are a practice community where healthcare professionals can connect by speaking their truth and being heard
  • Transform peer-to-peer support, guided by a unique set of agreements that generate trust, hope, strength and resilience
  • Can be co-created with anyone, in any setting, involving two people or many, within two minutes to 90 minutes, in-person or online

Who we are

Healing Circles Healthcare is a community of healthcare professionals who are part of a movement to heal individuals, healthcare, and our world.

  • We provide healing circles and training in healthcare and academic communities.
  • We cultivate environments of safety, sanctuary, and compassion.
  • We support the development of personal strength and the power of community.
  • We deliver services that build healing communities that embody truth, vitality, integrity, trust, and courage.
  • We support research on healing and resilience through healing circles.

What we offer

Healing Circles Healthcare provides services and support that prepare individuals and teams to use healing circles in their healthcare communities. This includes tools, training, skills, and coaching.

The word healing means “to make whole.”  Healing circles blend mindfulness, reflection, and presence. We honor each person’s unique ways to healing and do not presume to advise, fix, or save one another.