Healing Circles Healthcare believes that healthcare culture can be transformed through healing circles


Collegial disconnection is systemic throughout healthcare. It’s a byproduct of its pace, complexity, and hierarchical culture. It’s evident in stress levels, sense of belonging, incivility, burnout, and safety risks.


Healing circles is a foundational practice of authentic human connection. Authentic connections are a direct antidote for social disconnection.

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Healing Circles Faculty with U.S. Surgeon General,
Dr. Vivek Murthy at Commonweal

“Social connection can transform our whole health and well-being.” (U.S. Surgeon General, 2023)

Among all the broad quality improvement initiatives in healthcare, none will achieve full potential without a strong foundation of collegial connections.

Social connection is as critical as air, food and water;
without it, all else struggles to exist.

Healing circle practice delivers authentic connection

Healing circles bring people together to share, listen, and reflect, guided by a consistent set of values and mechanics.

Healing circle practice is:
  • anchored in a consistent set of values and mechanics
  • a foundational practice of authentic human connection
  • community-based and ongoing
  • open to all to contribute and be supported anytime, anywhere
  • impacting participants in immediate and tangible ways