Testimonials from healthcare practitioners

Healing Circles has forever changed the way I teach. The intentions, agreements, and structure provide a framework for creating safe and healing spaces in the classroom.

Learning the structure and premise of healing circles has helped me, as a nurse practitioner, listen to and encourage the inner wisdom and strength of the patients I serve.

What happened in the first circle was nothing less than amazing. The invitation to share from the heart created an energy in the circle that touched the hearts of all of us.

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Testimonials from training participants

Healing circles have changed how we work together, bringing colleagues/friends closer.  On our units, we now begin and end each shift with a check in round before moving on to business.

Healing circles have helped me understand the struggles and joys of my co-workers.

Healing circles has not only impacted my relationships at work, but is transforming my personal relationships at home. Thank you.

I feel more calm and able to address my day with hope and anticipation instead of dread and gloom.

This ritual is one I can begin to implement easily in my hospital…there are only limited resources right now and I can offer an effective tool.

Professionally, I’m filled with ideas about how to integrate healing circles into my meetings with students.

Our CNO commented that she saw the leaders’ expressions relaxing during the healing circles training. Since then, she has brought up elements of circle in other meetings. We are now planning on holding a circle once a month for our leaders. She also wants us to find a way to bring healing circles to all our nurses.

I was recently considering seeking another place of employment. This gave me hope that possibly something could change.

This experience gave me a deep sense of connection with the members of my group, a sense of being truly heard by them.

I am grateful for the opportunity to complete the healing circle training and incorporate this powerful tool into the fabric of our organization. As the executive director of a professional development department and holistic nurse, I have made it my personal and professional commitment to support developing and implementing professional development activities that promote psychological safety, self-care, compassion, and love. We are proactively integrating healing circles into our leadership courses, nurse residency program, and our new humanistic care certificate program.

I am amazed at how much these last two days have impacted me. I feel so much lighter and peaceful. I can see how this will help me in the future in my nursing practice.